About Us

As an emerging practice with a combined 20 years of architectural experience across a range of project types and scales, SoS Architects is interested in the distinctive atmosphere, or the 'spirit' of place.  We believe that the connection of a building to its site is fundamental to the way in which we experience the space.

We believe in healthy buildings both for the body and mind, and also the environment.  We are focused on passive design that responds to a buildings climate, orientation and site, while promoting the use of recycled and re-purposed materials where possible.

Our design approach is one of collaboration, where projects develop organically through a process driven largely by  the dialogue between client and consultants.  

We are passionate about architecture and its potential to enrich our experience of place.


Anthony Dawkins

Anthony Dawkins is a registered architect and has come to the field or architecture from  a 14 year career in music.  Creatively speaking, the two pursuits share a common ground of experiential influence and design.  Anthony's interest in the experience of  space is balanced by an active involvement in sustainable design, having gained Greenstar accreditation and publishing research in conjunction with the University of Melbourne.  His interest in energy modelling and current approaches to passive design form the basis of his  professional development.


Silas Gibson

Silas is a registered architect who finds his love of people, community and design culminating in the field of architecture.  He has developed this passion through extensive work with Indigenous communities in both the Northern Territory and Western Australia.  He is an optimist who, through clear and open communication, seeks to  gain a thorough understanding of a client's goals and expectations, while finding opportunities hidden within constraints.